New Year, New Challenge – 100 Days of Code

Starting the 100 Days of Code ( #100DaysOfCode ) challenge


I am always looking to boost my coding skills and as I watch everyone make resolutions for the year, I couldn’t help but think I should try this challenge. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, one resource is – which really gives you a good overview of what the challenge involves.

What will I be building?

I am a project-oriented person, so I will be building a web application that runs sentiment analysis on text data from APIs.

The basic topics I hope to cover:

  • Flask Application
    • User login
    • Store data from external APIs
    • Utilize PostgreSQL and MongoDB
    • Jinja2 templating
    • Back end API development
    • Luigi ETL pipeline

I will try and send out a blog update every week or two with highlights! I will also be updating GitHub as I go along. Part of the challenge is also posting on Twitter, so each day I’ll be using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode and you can follow me @stoltzmaniac


  1. Why are you using both PostgreSQL and MongoDB? Both are new to me, but one at a time is plenty to face.

    Incidentally note that Disqus seems to be a terribly imperialistic bit of software: once you allow logging on with Disqus onto your mail system they screw up all the logging on with Google.
    I have Google open on another tab right now, so I know that my machine and yours both recognise my Google identity, but this furshlugginer Disqus thing refuses to let it log me on here. Only after checking the Disqus option — and being subjected to a bit of propaganda about how I should allow them on my sites, too — does it put my name and symbol on and allow me to send this note to you.

    Feh! An invasion pretending to be a service.

  2. Due to the fact that this is a project in which I’m just beefing up my Docker and Flask skills I thought it would be fun to try and integrate a couple of databases. I’m utilizing this for a data science meetup group and want people to be able to store both structured and unstructured data. Sorry to hear that about Disqus, I basically uused it because it is incredibly easy to integrate with WordPress. I may just remove comments completely because it gets hit with so much span and other junk all of the time. Very few good comments like this one.

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