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Single Linear Regression – Part 1 – Python ML – OOP Basics

Data scientists who come to the career without a software background (myself included) tend to use a procedural style of programming rather than taking an object oriented approach. Changing styles is a paradigm shift and really takes some time to wrap your mind around. Many of us who have been doing this for years still have trouble envisioning how objects can improve things. There are a lot of resources out there to help you understand this subject in more detail but I am going to take a “learn by doing” approach. The code used for this can be found on my GitHub.

Goal of this post:

  1. Build a very basic object to house our linear regression model
  2. Create a command line interface (CLI) to pass in different datasets
  3. Print the object to the screen in a user-friendly format

What we are leaving for the next post:

  1. Fitting a model to find coefficients
  2. Finding the RMSE, R^2, slope and intercept of the model
  3. Testing our model using pytest

Here we go!

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